Single Door Quadrant

Lakes Single Door Quadrant

Single Door Quadrants

A more elegant and practical solution to the typical double-door design.

AllClear as standard
6mm toughened glass
Lifetime guarantee
Fully reversible
Easy fit

PureVue HD ultra clear low-iron glass plus
AllClear on both sides of glass comes as standard in this range



Description Code Ajustment From-To Entrance Width
Single Door Quadrant SCR80C 765-795mm 400mm
Single Door Quadrant SCR90C 865-895mm 500mm
Single Door Quadrant SCR100C 965-995mm 500mm
900 x 800 Offset Quadrant SCR9080C 865-895 x 765-795mm 500mm
1000 x 800 Offset Quadrant SCR10080C 965-995 x 765-795mm 500mm
1200 x 800 Offset Quadrant SCR12080C 1165-1195 x 765-795mm 500mm
1200 x 900 Offset Quadrant SCR12090C 1165-1195 x 865-895mm 500mm

*Sliver, PureVue Clear Glass enclousures 1900mm high

8mm Option Available