Lakes Palma - Walk-In Shower Enclosures

Lakes Palma - Walk-In Shower Enclosures

Press pause and unwind in our beautifully framed and spacious Palma design. Combine with cool marble and rich tones for a contemporary boutique hotel feel.

8mm glass
Silver finish
2m high
Fully reversible
Wet room or tray
Lifetime guarantee
AllClear as standard

PureVue HD ultra clear low-iron glass plus
AllClear on both sides of glass comes as standard in this range

Please Note: To create your Palma shower enclosure you will need to select one product from each of the three tables. A, B & C

Important Note: 200mm Bypass Panel kitted with appropriate bottom channels. Should be used on trays <750mm only.


8mm Glass - Shower Panel (A)
Code Adjustment Sizes A 
812-080-05 770-805mm 800mm
812-090-05 870-905mm 900mm
812-100-05 970-1005mm 1000mm
812-110-05 1080-1115mm 1100mm
812-120-05 1180-1215mm 1200mm
812-140-05 1380-1415mm 1400mm


8mm Glass -Bypass Panel (B)
Code Width no adj Sizes B
812-20-05 200mm 200mm
812-32-05 320mm 320mm
812-40-05 397mm 400mm


8mm Glass - Side Panel (C)
Code Ajustment Sizes C
810-070-05 655-690mm 700mm
810-075-05 705-740mm 750mm
810-080-05 755-790mm 800mm
810-090-05 855-890mm 900mm
810-100-05 955-990mm 1000mm



* Should be used on trays depths of ≤750mm to ensure suitable opening is available.

Wetroom or tray installation

Clear Glass enclousures 2000mm high