Lakes Nice - Walk-In Shower Enclosures

Lakes Nice - Walk-In Shower Enclosures

Sometimes style is defined by understatement. With sleek profiles and the option to use in a wet room or combine with a tray, the Nice is both discreet and practical.

8mm or 10mm glass
Silver finish
2m high
Fully reversible
Wet room or tray
Lifetime guarantee
AllClear as standard

PureVue HD ultra clear low-iron glass plus
AllClear on both sides of glass comes as standard in this range



Please Note: To create your Nice shower enclosure you will need to select one product from each table. (A & B) with the same glass thickness.


Shower Panel (A)


Code Adjustment Sizes A
812-080-05 770-805mm 800mm
812-090-05 870-905mm 900mm
812-100-05 970-1005mm 1000mm
812-110-05 1080-1115mm 1200mm
812-120-05 1180-1215mm 1200mm
812-1400 1380-1415mm 1400mm


Code Adjustment Sizes A
1012-080-05 770-805mm 800mm
1012-090-05 870-905mm 900mm
1012-100-05 970-1005mm 1000mm
1012-110-05 1080-1115mm 1200mm
1012-120-05 1180-1215mm 1200mm


Bypass Panel (B)


Code Width no adj Sizes B
812-20-05 200mm 200mm
812-32-05 320mm 320mm
812-40-05 397mm 400mm




Code Width no adj Sizes B
1012-20-05 200mm 200mm
1012-32-05 320mm 320mm

Clear Glass enclousures 2000mm high

Wetroom or tray installation 

When using on a tray, the shower panel should be used on tray depths of ≤750mm to ensure suitable opening is available.