Astral Glass Cleaner With Vinegar

Astral Glass Cleaner With Vinegar
Code: AGKV-5

A sprayable liquid glass and mirror cleaner. Glass Cleaner with Vinegar contains Alcohol to cut through grease and haze leaving a smear and streak free finish on all glass surfaces. Also effective in removing a wide range of stains and marks from many hard surfaces including Formica, plastic and paintwork.

Supplied in a 5ltr container

Now even thougher on grime, easy on easy off, no streaks, even more sparkle!


How To Use

Use undiluted and treat one window at a time, spraying directly onto surface to be cleaned, using a soft cloth or paper. Apply sparingly and work in circular patterns to remove the dirt and grease. Using a fresh, dry, lint free cloth, buff to reveal a brilliant streak free shine.