Astral Sheen

Astral Sheen
Code: AS-5

Astral Sheen is a solvent based, silicone-free trim dressing, designed for use in body shops and where vehicles need to be prepared for display before having paintwork done. Astral Sheen is designed to clean and restore the natural sheen to vinyl and plastic surfaces. Particularly effective in Bodyshops at removing the dust and debris that accumulate on dashboards and trim during the repair process. Astral Sheen assists in the quick turnaround of repaired vehicles by both cleaning and dressing in one step.

Supplied in a 5ltr container

How To Use

Shake can well before use. Apply to vinyl or plastic trim with a lint free cloth or sponge. Spray onto larger areas with a mini jet sprayer set to a fine mist and spread to a thin even layer with a cloth or sponge. Allow interior applications to dry for approx. 30 minutes with vehicle windows open.