Astral Aroma Brust

Astral Aroma Brust

This high discharge aerosol gives an explosion of soft, fruity Cranberry fragrance. A single press of Aroma Burst - Cranberry Air is sufficient to fill a small room, car or coach and can be used effectively to combat odours in hotel rooms, meeting rooms and public places. Aroma Burst is particularly suitable where there is a need to fragrance large areas, or eliminate pungent odours quickly and effectively. Aroma Burst - Cranberry Air leaves a lingering fine fragrance that remains for long periods and can be sprayed on to fabrics and upholstery to prolong the effect still further.

Supplied in a 750ml aerosol can

How To Use

Shake can gently before use.

For an instant fragrance spray one short burst, pointing the nozzle away from yourself and other persons.

For a fresh fragrant greeting in the morning, spray into a room or vehicle last thing at night.

To increase fragrance life, Aroma Burst can be sprayed on to fabrics and upholstery although an inconspicuous test area should be tried first to ensure colour fastness.

Because of the effectiveness of the fragrance it is recommended that a room or vehicle is left unoccupied for a short period after application to allow the fragrance to disperse, settle and mature.

Do not spray on polished surfaces.

Remove any overspray with a damp cloth.