Astral Maintenance Spray

Astral Maintenance Spray
Code: AMTS-A

Maintenance Spray is an all-purpose, highly effective, penetrating and lubricating fluid. Maintenance Spray contains a Silicone-free lubricant with an active water dispersant to leave a protective, rust preventing film when dry. Maintenance Spray can be used to free seized nuts and bolts; lubricate linkages, cables, locks and hinges etc. as well as inhibiting rust and corrosion on unpainted metal surfaces.

Supplied in a 400ml aerosol can

How To Use

To use as a penetrating fluid, spray or soak the rusted or seized component and allow to penetrate for a few minutes before continuing work. When lubricating, allow time for the product to dry fully for the residual film to perform at its best. For use as a protective coating against rust, moisture and corrosion, spray or wipe evenly onto surface and allow to dry.