Sonqiue Thermostatic Recessed Valve

Sonqiue Thermostatic Recessed Valve

Sonqiue Thermostatic Recessed Shower Valve with Adjustable Riser Kit

5 year warranty

Product Information:

Finish: Chrome 
Product Type: Contemporary 
Construction: Body is of brass construction 
Cartridge Type: Thermostatic cartridge
Supply: Suitable for all plumbing systems, preferably balanced 
Inlet Connections: 15mm compression elbows 
Outlet Connection: G ½” 
Water Pressure: Min. 0.1 bar, Max. 5.0 bar
Dimmensions for Fitting: 152mm inlet centres


WRAS Approval No: 1404020

TMV2 Approval No: BC1294/1013

TMV2 Designations: HP-SE and LP-S