Easyfit Shower Fixing Kit

Easyfit Shower Fixing Kit
Code: SPE11

Shower Front Wall Fixing For Bar Showers (pair)

Enables bar showers to be fitted to 15mm pipework routed through the wall surface.
Allows for easy replacement or refitting of shower valves.
Trims supplied

How to install

Step 1. Pipes should extend out from finished tile surface approx. 22mm to allow connection.

Step 2. Place brass mounting plate over pipe, then mark and drill holes.

Step 3. Fit screws and secure plate into position.

Step 4. Fit olive over pipe end.  

Step 5. Fit the threaded union to plate and tighten.  

Step 6. Fit the plate. Fit washer into mixer nut. Connect mixer nut to unions and tighten.