2.0 Bar Single Ended Shower Pump

2.0 Bar Single Ended Shower Pump By Stuart Turner

2 Bar Single Impeller Shower Pump
Powered By Stuart Turner

2 year warranty

Product Specification 

Product Code: ST PUMP20SG
Pump Type: Single speed single impeller
Power Supply: 230 Volts AC 
Power Consumption: 215 Watts 
Inlet Connections: Flexible hose – 15mm push fit
Outlet Connections: Flexible hose – 15mm push fit
Pump Rating: 2 bar / 17 LPM
Motor Rating: 30 minutes on / 30 minutes off
Supply: Suitable for gravity systems only
Max head: 10 metres 
Max head (closed valve): 19 metres
Max working pressure: 3.0 bar


Additional Information 

• Single impeller for boosting one water supply
• Fully automatic flow switch control – pump automatically starts when flow of water exceeds 0.8 litres per minute.
• Pump rated at 2 bar pressure equivalent to 20 metres head height.
• High boost performance
• Low noise - fitted with anti-vibration feet
• Min inlet water temperature - 4°C
• Max inlet water temperature - 65°C
• Max number of starts per hour – 60
• Max ambient air temperature - 40°C


       Certificate N°: 1003095