Portotecnica Mirage Plus

Portotecnica Mirage Plus

This industrial upholstery cleaner comes with a 32 litre stainless steel drum, single motor, 1200 watt, 11 litre detergent tank and 48 watt chemical pump.

Portotecnica Upholstery Cleaner.

Comprising of a robust castored impact resistant plastic base, stainless steel tank, plastic head containing an electromagnetic self priming solution spraying pump, a two stage double insulated vacuum extraction motor, and an anti-foaming device. The standard tools include a 2m hose, trigger assembly, two part wand, carpet spray/extraction tool, upholstery spray/extraction tool, long/short pile carpet tool, small round brush, upholstery nozzle, crevice tool, clean water bucket and sanifilter. The sanifliter has been specially developed to aid in the prevention of the spread of viruses, bacteria, micro fungi and parasites in the tank and is fitted as standard to all Portotecnica vacuum cleaners.


Model Stainless Steel Drum Detergent tank Watt Motor Chemical pump
Mirage Plus 32 litres 11 litres 1200 Single 48 watt

Suitable for wet and dry vacuuming

Double insulated two stage by-pass motor

Suitable for all uses

Trolley for small surfaces