Portotecnica Mirage 1515

Portotecnica Mirage 1515

This industrial vacuum comes with a 32 litre stainless steel drum



Model Stainless Steel Drum Watt Motor
Mirage 1515 32 litres 1200 Single

• Rapid head attachment with nylon core. 

• Components laboratory tested for thousands of hours

• Aluminium-plastic hoses and flexible hose  

• All the materials used to make IPC Portotecnica vacuum cleaners are produced and assembled in-house using pioneering production techniques able to guarantee maximum reliability and durability


• Great energy savings, according to use.  
• Guarantees perfect head closure at all times.
• Components with guaranteed long working life. 



Created by a group of scientists for the biomedical industry, the FibroFilter treatment is internationally recognised for its antimicrobial action. The Sanifilter, provided as standard in all IPC Portotecnica vacuum cleaners, prevents the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and micro-parasites in the tank. It is free from volatile organic compounds, colourless and odourless.